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Need Money

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Under Fire #2

Need Money

Posted on Thu 30th Nov, 2006, 5:17pm

ISO: 100, Shutter speed: 1/50, Aperture: f/4,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: Fill, Cropping: Some,
Lens: Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L, Focal length: 18mm,
Captured: 21st March 2006, Afternoon,

Seeing yesterday's picture on thinsite reminded me that I had this shot sitting around so I thought I'd have a stab at processing it.

I can still see why I left it at the time - it's not quite right in many ways but I'm glad to finally get it out of the archive and up on the blog.

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Eth, Thu 30th Nov, 2006, 6:28pm
£10 says you looked at his trainers first

Richard, Thu 30th Nov, 2006, 6:56pm
He's got a pair of fresh NB's...

schmee, Thu 30th Nov, 2006, 7:08pm
wait, why does he need to get drunk to get molested? is being with two women so awful that one needs to get drunk? there's a dude around my town that's always wearing a sandwich board saying "i need 2 dollars". he's got balls i think. most homeless folks will ask nicely for any change that they can spare, but this dude demands a fixed amount, as if anything less is below him. brassy dude.

Mal, Fri 1st Dec, 2006, 8:46am
That's a great sign to have, I wonder if it worked for him? It's a great image Jamey, not sure why you have reservations about it! Mal

M-UK, Fri 1st Dec, 2006, 9:40am
Looks like a great character. Anyone checked the url yet :D

Jide Alakija, Fri 1st Dec, 2006, 2:40pm
Crakcing shot...I wish I had moments like these in my archive. I'm thinking of going out shooting soon...interested....your call this time on location.

Jon Swainson, Fri 1st Dec, 2006, 5:55pm
I agree with Schmee. Why does he need to get drunk? I'm not going to say anymore as my lack of PC will get me into trouble! Nice shot anyway :)

Sorcha, Fri 1st Dec, 2006, 8:12pm
hmmm.. i think it may work on someone.. or he woudn't have that cheeky smile. nice find. ~S.

milou, Sat 2nd Dec, 2006, 2:08am
Hah. How fab.

Sysagent, Sat 2nd Dec, 2006, 1:05pm
Heh I like it :D

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