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Going Home

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Going Home

Posted on Sat 14th Jan, 2006, 2:08pm

ISO: 1600, Shutter speed: 1/50, Aperture: f/4,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: None, Cropping: None,
Lens: Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 EX DC, Focal length: 50mm,
Captured: 13th January 2006, 11:38pm,

This post is kind of a belated entry for yesterday and also today's, rolled into one, type thing.

It was snapped on the train home last night. I was pretty drunk so I just put the camera into one of the auto modes, set the ISO to 1600 and forgot about anything technical.

I've deliberately kept this one noisy. In fact, I've increased the noise because ISO 1600 on my camera is actually pretty decent. I can't really say why I like it but when I looked through all the photos I took (mostly rubbish), this one seemed like the best.

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Nickoli, Sat 14th Jan, 2006, 3:40pm
There's something there. Kebab or burger on the way home after a night out- nothing like it.

SlasherMCT, Sat 14th Jan, 2006, 8:08pm
Neat, I like it - although I might be tempted to crop it

Richard, Sun 15th Jan, 2006, 12:25pm
I like this a lot. Has a very grity raw feeling to it.

Bex, Mon 16th Jan, 2006, 10:13am
If only that man knew of his fame. Yes, you were quite drunk that night! x

burger eating man, Sat 21st Jan, 2006, 12:31am
omigod i did nae realise i was receeding so much! meow!

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