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Posted on Mon 5th Dec, 2005, 12:10am

ISO: 100, Shutter speed: 1/60, Aperture: f/2.8,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: Yes, Cropping: Minor,
Lens: Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 EX DC, Focal length: 50mm,
Captured: 3rd December 2005, 2:46pm,

If you haven't read yesterday's entry you should probably do so before you read this one. I know it's rather long but what else have you got to do? Exactly, now go read it and I'll see you at the next paragraph.

Ok, read it? Good. This shot is from the Amber House Hotel, the boarded-up place I mentioned. It was right up at the top, in the converted attic bit and the door was closed. I did briefly think about taking a peek inside but:

A) It would clearly be rude, and go against the wishes of whoever wrote the note.

B) I'd seen every other room in the place and they were all the same so it was unlikely this one would be different.

C) The note says the room is protected. For all I know the door handle could have been wired to a hand grenade. Unlikely (not sure where a tramp would source small arms) but I just didn't know.

As you can see I used flash for the shot. The majority of the inside of the hotel was totally dark and, while there was some light near this door it was still almost black. I tried balancing the camera for a long exposure but it just wasn't happening.

The place itself was really creepy, as you might expect. Sometimes the only way to see what was in a room was to take a flash photo and then stand there in the darkness checking it back on the LCD screen. I kept scaring myself stupid imagining I was going to see a face on the screen or a body in the corner or something.

Overall I'm a little disappointed with the shots I got. There must have been some quality photos to be had there but I didn't manage to get them. This was the best of the bunch and even then the photo's technically a bit boring. The interest comes from the sign itself. And I really don't want to know what it's stuck to the door with, before you ask.

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will, Mon 5th Dec, 2005, 3:53am
excellent photo mate. It has even better effect with its story attached! I dread to think what is lurkin behind that door fella!

Sierro, Mon 5th Dec, 2005, 8:12am
Photos are about capturing the moment or telling a story, and you've certainly managed that!

milou, Mon 5th Dec, 2005, 8:45pm
Hmmm...bit of blood/beetroot action there [or "claret" as I believe you London boys say ;)]

Rizzy, Mon 5th Dec, 2005, 9:58pm
I count at least 3 other stains on there apart from the Ribena! :D

bionel lair, Fri 6th Jan, 2006, 3:53pm
blood, sweat , gravy and egg

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