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Tooth Fairy

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Tooth Fairy

Posted on Mon 2nd Jul, 2007, 9:14pm

ISO: 400, Shutter speed: 1/1250, Aperture: f/4,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: None, Cropping: 2:1,
Lens: Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM, Focal length: 100mm,
Captured: 30th June 2007, 1:43pm,

I went to the Pride festival with Jide on Saturday.

I think I've maybe got two or three shots to post, but this is probably my favourite.

There was a shot of this guy in the newspaper today but at the risk of sounding conceited, I think mine is miles better.

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methy, Mon 2nd Jul, 2007, 9:47pm
Nice to see your back in the game Jimjam. I think the choice of crop has made this one for me, with his arm trailing like that the framing is spot on. Shame his head looks like its made of plasticine!

Sysagent, Mon 2nd Jul, 2007, 10:50pm
The teeth ain't real surely (don't call me Shirley). Love this shot, it's bright, colourful and bold as brass like the character in it. Good to see you back Jamey.

Richard, Mon 2nd Jul, 2007, 11:03pm
Big and bold and looking a bit like John Barrowman's half brother! Crikey!

Anne, Mon 2nd Jul, 2007, 11:51pm
Superb photo, in every way. Spot-on depiction of the event!

Jide Alakija, Tue 3rd Jul, 2007, 1:27am
Totally inspiring...your best shot ever. I didn't get any shots close to this!

Karole, Tue 3rd Jul, 2007, 9:36am
Totally brilliant - colourful and alive!!

groovyf, Tue 3rd Jul, 2007, 9:55am
Good stuff indeed. Such an "in your face" pose and picture.

Jon Swainson, Thu 5th Jul, 2007, 7:54am
Great portrait Jamey.

matt, Fri 6th Jul, 2007, 6:19pm
lots of colour, vibrancy and character...good portrait...not sure about the teeth though either!

milou, Sat 7th Jul, 2007, 11:02am
Yay. What a corker. Really like the wide crop - it's as though he's enveloping you. Stunning quality from the 100mm. [Just think how much DIY you missed during your photo shoot...]

Suby, Tue 10th Jul, 2007, 10:10am
Awesome4 awesome shot Suby

Download, Thu 19th Jul, 2007, 9:50pm
Very nice

forum, Fri 3rd Aug, 2007, 1:57pm
Very nice

solciii, Tue 30th Oct, 2007, 12:13am

player, Sun 7th Mar, 2010, 4:24pm
Great portrait Jamey.

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