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My Spot

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My Spot

Posted on Mon 7th May, 2007, 8:00pm

ISO: 100, Shutter speed: Various, Aperture: f/4,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: None, Cropping: N/A,
Lens: Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L, Focal length: 35mm,
Captured: 30th April 2007, 6:27pm,

It's been a while since my last montage and judging by the way my PC handled this one (which ended up being a 500 megapixel image) I might need a RAM upgrade before I do another.

Anyway, about the image... This is the spot I stand in every day while I wait for my train home from work. For some reason on this particular day I decided to take a load of photos and make a montage of it.

It doesn't look great at this size. You can see a bigger version of this if you click here but I think only a proper hi-res print would do this real justice.

FireFox users might need to click on the image if the browser shrinks it to fit the window. People using other browsers are on their own (sorry).

Update - thanks to Bob at forgingahead for my WOW award. Click the image below to be taken to the relevant page on his site:

Wow-award from Forgingahead!

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Jon Swainson, Mon 7th May, 2007, 8:54pm
This is ace. Great idea, well executed. Fab!

BobC, Mon 7th May, 2007, 8:58pm
That really is a very unique image! Really like the overall feel to this!

benn grimm, Mon 7th May, 2007, 9:09pm
train stations? Geek! What next jotting down numbers. Like it though (i still have your mixer)

t-photo, Mon 7th May, 2007, 10:11pm
I've seen these type of compositions exhibited in my old college before (free hanging on string, mounted on foam board). You've done really well in capturing the whole location and feel. Please do more of these!

milou, Mon 7th May, 2007, 10:35pm
Just bloody well wow. Superb idea and it's brilliant. The inclusion of yer clod-hoppers is inspired. Must have been a hard job deciding which ones to include and how to lay it out.

Bob, Tue 8th May, 2007, 2:24am
Quite an accomplishment and the result is stunning. WOW!

Sysagent, Tue 8th May, 2007, 12:23pm
Heh mad but bad (good bad not bad bad) this ain't it! Loving all the busy stuff going on in the shot, works really well, now get back to them floorboards!

Suby, Wed 9th May, 2007, 1:04am
Jamey awesome montage, I don't do too many of these as my PC struggles as well and I have 2 Gig of RAM, Last Montage I did was about 1.5 gig and had to close every other program open on my PC. Anyway this is very very very very well put together, Stealing the idea for my next montage bro :d Suby

groovyf, Wed 9th May, 2007, 8:44am
Excellent idea for an image, Jamey. Looks fantastic and could imagine it looking at its best on a huge billboard

ana, Fri 11th May, 2007, 4:10pm
I have to commend you on this...I tried it, and dang, it's tough!!!

mal, Fri 11th May, 2007, 9:37pm
this is way cool Jamey, very well worth your efforts, top image. mal

Jide Alakija, Sat 12th May, 2007, 10:05pm
Groovy...this you have to frame!

tref, Sun 13th May, 2007, 1:39pm
Good idea! [+]

Jonathan, Sat 19th May, 2007, 12:57pm
Love this, you've put it together really well... top notch.

Richard, Sun 20th May, 2007, 5:21pm
Brilliant. I bet you got a few strange looks :)

Peter F, Fri 15th Jun, 2007, 9:34pm
nice shoes :)

Jesus, Mon 25th Jun, 2007, 6:20pm
Cool work, i like like this collage,

rinku, Tue 26th Jun, 2007, 10:39am
nice shots...:)

Lud@, Thu 19th Jul, 2007, 12:53pm
Excellent idea! :-) Like it very much! Especially those legs ! :-D

deji77, Sun 26th Aug, 2007, 11:29pm
wow!! this is definitely worth trying out :)

trotsky, Mon 8th Oct, 2007, 12:02pm
what a cracking shot - must've taken and age to stitch this up!

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