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Untitled #47

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Untitled #47

Posted on Sat 13th Jan, 2007, 7:50pm

ISO: 100, Shutter speed: 1/50, Aperture: f/4,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: None, Cropping: None,
Lens: Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L, Focal length: 35mm,
Captured: 28th December 2006, 2:37pm,

I don't know what my fascination with laundrettes is but something just makes me want to take photographs in them.

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Methy, Sat 13th Jan, 2007, 8:10pm
Nice sneaky angle. Is that a texture you've blended or is it just a big splatter of shi... on the wall?

Jamey, Sat 13th Jan, 2007, 8:11pm
It's a texture, but I'm flattered that you weren't quite sure :)

Jonathan, Sun 14th Jan, 2007, 8:24am
Favourite bit for me is the inside of the machines, very nice. Nice colour and detail throughout though.

RSC, Mon 15th Jan, 2007, 12:19am
its cos your a bit odd. Very nice shot though, im still envious of all you lot :(

Deceptive, Mon 15th Jan, 2007, 11:33am
Laundrettes are very photogenic - nice work, love the red.

milou, Mon 15th Jan, 2007, 11:58pm
Nice order and repetition but should you have opened all the washing machine doors to exactly the right angle each? The inside of the machines look as though they're speeding.

Andy018, Thu 18th Jan, 2007, 6:18pm
Prefer the random element of the doors myself. but cool shot :) i like it

owen-b, Mon 26th Feb, 2007, 11:06pm
Hi, got pointed here by Jon Swainson - been going through your site and really like it. Commenting here because I share your weird interest in laundrettes although I'm usually too chicken to take photos in them any more because people tend yo get a bit funny with me pointing a camera at them while they wash their smalls. :(

Download, Thu 19th Jul, 2007, 10:18pm
Construction Time Again. Good spot with the ladders ting here Jamey, nice muted PP as well

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