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Fresh Air

Posted on Sat 9th Dec, 2006, 3:22pm

ISO: 100, Shutter speed: 1/25, Aperture: f/4,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: , Cropping: None,
Lens: Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L, Focal length: 35mm,
Captured: 27th March 2006,

Since I don't have my camera this week, I've resorted to archive raiding and processed a few shots that were initially overlooked from the trip to New York at the start of the year.

The world doesn't really need another 'looking up at a tall building' photograph but it's the dark patch on the left-hand building that drew my eye when I looked at this again.

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Jide Alakija, Sat 9th Dec, 2006, 4:16pm
Really into a building phase aren't we. I think the colour in this is the prime thing that stands out for me. That little window at the bottom left is somewhat distracting.

Tom PH, Sat 9th Dec, 2006, 5:24pm
I think the open window adds to this, personally. It's weird how a simple shot of some buildings tilted slightly can make an interesting abstract - I sometimes find myself becoming obsessive with straight lines and symmetry, this sorta proves that it doesn't matter.

Sysagent, Sun 10th Dec, 2006, 10:19am
I like the open window as it breaks up the uniformity, not so sure about the sky colour here tho Jamey... It looks a bit wierd to me.

milou, Sun 10th Dec, 2006, 11:23pm
I love the sheer smoothness of it - the clean lines, the dappled sunlight and the reflection.

jt, Mon 11th Dec, 2006, 5:02pm
I really like the color in this one. Nice angle

John Washington, Mon 11th Dec, 2006, 6:39pm
I like this Jamey. God use of negative space and that little anomoly with the window is great.

roded, Fri 15th Dec, 2006, 9:45pm
nice colors and composition!

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