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Posted on Mon 4th Dec, 2006, 5:15pm

ISO: 400, Shutter speed: 1 Second, Aperture: f/2.8,
Camera: N/A, Flash: Onboard, Cropping: Minor,
Lens: N/A, Focal length: 15mm,
Captured: 12th November 2006, 0:08am,

This is my friend, sometime DJ partner, ex radio show co-host and photographer extraordinaire Jeff Metal DJing at fabric a few weeks back.

The shot was taken by me but using Jeff's EOS 350D with a fisheye lens attached, as I didn't have my camera with me.

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Eth, Mon 4th Dec, 2006, 6:21pm
textured layer again ? Nice vibrant shot ... although it looks like he's dipping his finger into a pint of John smiths

schmee, Mon 4th Dec, 2006, 6:43pm
i'm pretty sure this isn't a textured layer eth. the selecta is frozen cause of the flash and the light streaks are created by dragging the shutter.

Eth, Mon 4th Dec, 2006, 6:45pm
ah .. clever

jt, Mon 4th Dec, 2006, 8:33pm
Cool looking shot. I like the angle.

Jamey, Mon 4th Dec, 2006, 9:38pm
Schmee is correct, there's no texture here (although there will be in tomorrow's shot). With flash stuff like this, look at the shutter speed. Long speeds usually indicate dragging the shutter or slow-sync flash or whatever you want to call it.

Tom PH, Tue 5th Dec, 2006, 12:54am
Nice one Jamey, by 'dragging the shutter' do you literally mean moving the camera after the flash has fired? Would be interesting to know...

Mal, Tue 5th Dec, 2006, 9:50am
This is great Jamey the slow sinc has given the whole shot a moody dynamic, I can feel the music in the shot. Mal

deceptive, Tue 5th Dec, 2006, 10:03am
Mad - great effect.

Jamey, Tue 5th Dec, 2006, 11:12am
Tom - yes. It's easiest to do it in manual mode. I normally start out with a shutter speed around half a second, an aperture around f/5.6 and the flash set to normal output (ie no Flash Exposure Compensation) and take it from there. I've yet to try it with off-camera flash, though I suspect it'll be a lot nicer.

Tom PH, Tue 5th Dec, 2006, 1:41pm
Wicked. Shall give this a try sometime

schmee, Tue 5th Dec, 2006, 2:51pm
a good lazy way to achieve the same thing is to shoot in aperture priority and do a negative exposure compensation of a few stops and set the flash to 2nd curtain sync.

milou, Tue 5th Dec, 2006, 7:13pm
Really like this kind of shot and Eth's right about the John Smiths effect (c).

Jide Alakija, Tue 5th Dec, 2006, 10:23pm
Wow! Now this is awesome Jamey. Next time I'm out clubbing I'm going to try one like this.

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