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Self-Portrait #3

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Self-Portrait #3

Posted on Wed 22nd Nov, 2006, 5:43pm

ISO: 100, Shutter speed: 168 Seconds, Aperture: f/16,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: None, Cropping: Minor,
Lens: Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM, Focal length: 20mm,
Captured: 18th November 2006, 10:46pm,

Clearly another from the night shoot. I plonked myself down for the duration of the exposure (2m30s), decided I wanted to be looking sideways and promptly realised I couldn't actually see any of my kit, so if any passing vagrants had decided to steal my camera I would've noticed too late.

Fortunately they didn't.

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Dan, Wed 22nd Nov, 2006, 5:53pm
absolultey fantastic, bloody love this Jamey, exposure and everything is spot on and I love your coat

Tom PH, Wed 22nd Nov, 2006, 6:21pm
Nice one Jamey. I also can repeat whats already been said about exposure, spot on! I also like the wide angle/comp, not your usual self portrait but it certainly works for me!

Karole, Wed 22nd Nov, 2006, 6:24pm
Love this too - love everything about it.

Mal, Wed 22nd Nov, 2006, 7:03pm
Excellent Jamey, you did very well staying still for that length of time, could you hear your camera shutter click to let you know when to move? Love the composition and the toning. Mal

Jamey, Wed 22nd Nov, 2006, 8:23pm
Mal - trade secret.. Go on then, I'll tell you my highly technical method for knowing when to run back to the camera and let the shutter back down again. I had my phone in my hands (angled away from the lens so the light wouldn't show) and had a stopwatch running :)

Sysagent, Wed 22nd Nov, 2006, 8:23pm
Great shot this Jamey (see the beard is back!). Prefer this to the other shot as it looks a lot more "together".

Jide Alakija, Wed 22nd Nov, 2006, 9:08pm
I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't worked out the bulb operation on my camera yet. You used the black space very well here.

Jonathan, Wed 22nd Nov, 2006, 10:14pm
I like the slope and the fact that you're looking to the right, as if looking for why the worlds turning.

Jim, Wed 22nd Nov, 2006, 11:05pm
Doesnt strike me as one of your best, but that's kinda the point of having a "best" i suppose. I like the idea of a self portrait being from a distance and I love the blackness of the black. Shit camo though, can see you dead easy.

Mal, Wed 22nd Nov, 2006, 11:51pm
Now that's good thinking, I wondered how you worked that one

groovyf, Thu 23rd Nov, 2006, 8:12am
Almost 3 minutes without moving! B&W suits this shot so well.

milou, Fri 24th Nov, 2006, 2:42pm
Fab and great experimentation with long exposures. Would have been great too with some sort of cloud movement caught in the time lapse - you being still amongst all the chaos and all that.

Jon Swainson, Fri 24th Nov, 2006, 4:55pm
Nice one Jamey. The things we do for our blogs, eh? :D

deceptive, Sat 25th Nov, 2006, 1:54pm
Not sure I'd of held out for 2m30secs not being able to see my kit! Great self portrait.

Libby, Sun 26th Nov, 2006, 9:21pm
One of my favorite ever 'self portraits' photos. Brilliant!

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