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Bubble Bath

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Bubble Bath

Posted on Thu 17th Nov, 2005, 10:20pm

ISO: N/A, Shutter speed: N/A, Aperture: N/A,
Camera: Orange SPV C500 (camera phone), Flash: N/A, Cropping: Minor (4:3 to 3:2),
Lens: N/A, Focal length: N/A,
Captured: 16th November 2005, 6:59pm,

This was taken with my phone on the train home from work. I had the 'big' camera with me but I think if I had attempted to use it the only photo I would've got would be these two staring down the barrel of the lens looking a bit annoyed.

I think they both worked at the same company but didn't know each other that well, at least judging from the questions they were asking each other anyway. They didn't spend very much time joking or laughing, this was something of a lucky capture.

I agonised over whether to post this on the blog, what with it being a phonecam image. In the end I decided that the emotion was the main point of this photo and that it comes across regardless of the technical clarity of the picture. However I'd really like to hear what you guys think about this. Do you think the emotion carries it or do you think it's a good moment let down by a bad camera? Even if you don't normally leave comments on here I'd appreciate a few words to air your views. Thank you.

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Richard, Thu 17th Nov, 2005, 10:38pm
It's all about capturing the moment, and you've done exactly that. Doesn't matter about the quality, you can still see what's going on/what has happened, and the emotion is still shown clearly.

Sierro, Thu 17th Nov, 2005, 11:30pm
You've captured the moment and that's always a good thing. The quality isn't bad either for a phone image. Just a shame it isn't a bit sharper.

Bug, Fri 18th Nov, 2005, 7:39am
cracking image, granted the photo quality isn't 100% but the image is and that's all that matters really. I like the little back story you give with each photo, it adds a lot to them imo.

Mareek, Fri 18th Nov, 2005, 4:03pm
wow, cracking image as Sierro says, it's captures the moment. I think that because it wasn't a slr make it more special, good job :D

milou, Fri 18th Nov, 2005, 9:37pm
A good candid shot. The guy who's laughing seems a tad defensive so its maybe as you say they didn't know each other that well. And their shirts match :p. I don't think the sharpness or lack of it matters

Methy, Fri 18th Nov, 2005, 10:55pm
I really like this image. A good title would have been "the start of something great". I can easily imagine these two characters becoming life long friends from this very moment onwards, and you have captured that. Nice one dude.

SlasherMCT, Thu 1st Dec, 2005, 5:37pm
Yes, it is great - this sort of shot is where the Canon G3 with it's tilt and flip monitor is really useful - people just don't react as badly if you don't hold a camera up to your face. Does a train/bus count as a public place - yea I think so..

stan the hat, Fri 6th Jan, 2006, 4:08pm
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