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Back Then #4

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Back Then #4

Posted on Thu 26th Oct, 2006, 5:33pm

ISO: N/A, Shutter speed: N/A, Aperture: N/A,
Camera: N/A, Flash: N/A, Cropping: N/A,
Lens: N/A, Focal length: N/A,
Captured: N/A,

"Well this is me (adorable, eh). Another lovely, nostalgic picture taken in Ramsgate. When I was small we always stayed at a B&B in Ramsgate - the same one every year. They had a lovely big black dog, I remember.

"Dad seems perfectly dressed for the beach. Bit of a rickety old pushchair - not up to todays standard of luxury. Thankfully I can't remember riding in it."

- Karole

If you're wondering why there are a load of old photos on the blog this week, click here and read the text below the photo.

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Jon, Thu 26th Oct, 2006, 6:54pm
I'm not surprised you needed help standing in a wonky world like that! lol :p This must bring back great memories. I really don't know if I have any photos of me with my dad. Sad really.

Anne, Thu 26th Oct, 2006, 7:10pm
Loving the old photos! What a great idea! Such a pity I'm far too young to have any such memories....sigh! Would it were true. Well done Jamey and Karole!

Abi, Thu 26th Oct, 2006, 10:08pm
the wonder years

deceptive, Thu 26th Oct, 2006, 11:05pm
Great series, I love old photos. I thought I was at bighappyfunhouse.com for a moment, one of my favourite sites. I especially like the tilted background on this one.

M-UK, Fri 27th Oct, 2006, 8:30am
I am enjoying this series too. Another shot that you really get the feel of ‘captured memories'

Jonathan, Sun 29th Oct, 2006, 8:13am
I'm quite sure these pics bring back some great memories, been a good collection so far :)

Sysagent, Sun 29th Oct, 2006, 5:58pm
What brown little legs! Are they tights or is it a tan?

Karole, Sun 29th Oct, 2006, 6:26pm
Definitely a tan - I guess they stuck out when I was in the pushchair!

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