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Back Then #1

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Back Then #1

Posted on Mon 23rd Oct, 2006, 5:27pm

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All this week I'm going to be posting old family photos and the text will be written by Karole, my mum, since I wasn't even alive at the time they were taken.

Why? Because we found a load of old black and white prints recently and I really like them. I think they have some value beyond the sentimental qualities they hold for us so I decided to post some of them here.

That's enough waffle from me. Over to mum:

"Of all the pictures coming over the next few days, this perhaps brings back the most memories. One week a year we went on holiday to a Warner's Holiday Camp with friends and family - a whole bunch of us - and just had fun.

"I don't remember this holiday in particular but it sums up my whole 'summer' childhood. Why Dad was wearing a suit to cycle I have no idea - perhaps it was evening time and we were going to dinner. Just look at those lovely old cars in the background. Oh memories!"

- Karole

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Jon, Mon 23rd Oct, 2006, 9:18pm
Karole, maybe you should take over Jamey's blog as your pictures are MILES better than his :P I think this is a great idea. Really interesting. I'm gonna be back eery day to see them all :)

Jide Alakija, Tue 24th Oct, 2006, 1:26am
WOW! Jamey you really did good with this one.

Jonathan, Tue 24th Oct, 2006, 7:58am
Agree with Jon on this one, step aside Jamey! :) Well preserved shot and nicely transformed onto the interweb.

M-UK, Tue 24th Oct, 2006, 10:22am
Very nice idea! Glad the pictures have aged too as it really adds to feeling of looking back in time.

Karole, Tue 24th Oct, 2006, 10:40am
Thanks all for your lovely comments - I'd like to take all the credit but it was J's idea and all his work - I just supplied all the memories and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. Thanks, Karole

Sysagent, Tue 24th Oct, 2006, 12:27pm
Great stuff this Jamey and a fantastic idea / way of documenting your familes past :)

milou, Tue 24th Oct, 2006, 7:40pm
Yes, great idea. Knobbly knees R us.

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