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Unknown #2

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Unknown #2

Posted on Tue 12th Sep, 2006, 5:42pm

ISO: 100, Shutter speed: 1/60, Aperture: f/4,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: None, Cropping: Slight,
Lens: Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L, Focal length: 35mm,
Captured: 9th September 2006, 6:20pm,

This guy was handing out flyers for Chalk4Peace in Camden at the weekend. I used the universal "hold up camera and raise eyebrow" gesture to seek permission and he nodded back.

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jt, Tue 12th Sep, 2006, 6:04pm
I always like your people shots J. Nice capture.

Jide Alakija, Tue 12th Sep, 2006, 6:18pm
Me too Jamey...this is good. Let's go shooting one more time, Camden Town?

Jamey, Tue 12th Sep, 2006, 6:29pm
Jide - definitely. I'm off on holiday again next week but I'll be in touch afterwards to organise something.

Dan, Tue 12th Sep, 2006, 7:14pm
Lovely, I love the detail :D Nice one, I have to try something like this at some point

Sysagent, Tue 12th Sep, 2006, 7:15pm
Good portrait shot Jamey mate, but I would have cloned out that annoying hair right in between his eyes at the top of his nose :)

Christopher, Tue 12th Sep, 2006, 8:35pm
Another nice portrait from you - well done.

Jamey, Tue 12th Sep, 2006, 8:59pm
If it was a portrait of a girl who was a paying client I'd probably do some beauty retouching but a street portrait of an old man doesn't really need that kind of stuff IMO.

milou, Tue 12th Sep, 2006, 10:54pm
Excellent framing and I feel somehow that he's a fairly fluffy type of guy just by looking at the photo so it's successful as a portrait. I like the "big unruly hair". I'm getting those...oh yes.

Jamey, Tue 12th Sep, 2006, 10:55pm
Yeah, he was pretty friendly. Well, he seemed it.

micki, Tue 12th Sep, 2006, 11:12pm
Very sweet! Looks like a kind soul.

groovyf, Wed 13th Sep, 2006, 12:10pm
Yup, great portrait. Would be nice to see it in black & white and facial texture brought out more

Jon, Wed 13th Sep, 2006, 12:59pm
He certainly looks like a happy soul. Nice capture mate.

Jimbo, Wed 13th Sep, 2006, 1:36pm
Your portraits always look so natural even though they are posed for and he looks very comfortable with you taking his photo. I also find that hair inbetween his eyes distracting but I agree with your point also. There are a few distractions in the background that maybe could be dealt with. Overall you have given a lot of life to this image and I personally would be very happy with the outcome. Good'n.

beckeyla, Thu 14th Sep, 2006, 5:54pm
that is a lovely photo of my friend brian, please come to london eye on sat 16th at 12 or later that day at the scala in kings cross for earthdance at 9, or tate modern sun 17th at 12 and witness many people chalking for peace, its a good sight to see

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