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Raise Your Glasses

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How To Kill Time In Airports #1

Raise Your Glasses

Posted on Thu 24th Aug, 2006, 5:35pm

ISO: 100, Shutter speed: 1/80, Aperture: f/4,
Camera: Sony DSC-P32, Flash: Yes (user error), Cropping: None,
Lens: N/A, Focal length: 5mm,
Captured: 21st August 2006, 11:30am,

I'm back from holiday and the sunburn's starting to go down a bit. Thank you all for your kind comments while I've been away.

This photo was taken with my little point and click camera - I put my amber-tinted sunglesses in front of the lens to see what it would look like and was quite happy with the result.

It's pretty much exactly as it looked straight out of the camera apart from levels tweaks and noise reduction.

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jt, Thu 24th Aug, 2006, 6:18pm
Glad to have you back Jamey. Nice effect on the photo.

Sysagent, Thu 24th Aug, 2006, 7:40pm
WB dude :) Looks like it is taken from under a pool of Iron Bru or something... ;)

milou, Thu 24th Aug, 2006, 9:33pm
It's surreal, it's fab, it's quasi-animation. Nice idea :-)

Jon, Fri 25th Aug, 2006, 10:45am
Welcome back Jamey, hope you had a great time. I quite like this. The first of many?

Jide Alakija, Fri 25th Aug, 2006, 11:35am
This is really lovely. I think the fact that you said you put the glasses over the camera makes it even more ingenious. Welcome back dude.

Jamey, Fri 25th Aug, 2006, 11:58am
Thanks guys. Jon - first of a few but not that many, unfortunately.

JD, Fri 25th Aug, 2006, 1:54pm
very nice result ;) kinda surreal and computer gamey sort a thingy (reminds me of GTA: Vice City) Love the light leak/reflection (probably from the glasses)

Suby, Fri 25th Aug, 2006, 2:48pm
This shot kinda has this dreamy Las Vegas look to it. Very Suureal. Lovely. Suby

Luisa, Mon 4th Sep, 2006, 9:55pm
Cute effect.

Download, Thu 19th Jul, 2007, 10:04pm
very nice

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