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Untitled #19

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Untitled #19

Posted on Wed 9th Aug, 2006, 5:40pm

ISO: 100, Shutter speed: 1/1600, Aperture: f/5,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: None, Cropping: Square,
Lens: Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L, Focal length: 35mm,
Captured: 8th August 2006, 2:17pm,

This is an accidental shot. I was walking along my normal patch yesterday lunchtime and I went past this flat. I hit the shutter button by accident and this was what was on the camera.

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Jide Alakija, Wed 9th Aug, 2006, 5:51pm
You lucky.....you! This is an awesome shot!

jt, Wed 9th Aug, 2006, 5:56pm
Accident...Looks like a keeper to me. He seems to have had to much junk food. lol. Good capture.

M, Wed 9th Aug, 2006, 6:02pm
This is just lovely and atmospheric - wonderful M x

Jonathan, Wed 9th Aug, 2006, 8:09pm
Look at that expression! He'll be a gnagland mobster when he is older ;) Nice shot for a freak accident.

Ric h, Wed 9th Aug, 2006, 9:15pm
Certainly got something of the Bugsy Malone about him doesn't he?!

Jon, Wed 9th Aug, 2006, 9:16pm
You probably couldn't have got that expression if it wasn't an accident, though it makes me sick that you take shots like this by accident. Go away!.... Come back now.

micki, Wed 9th Aug, 2006, 9:55pm
Wow! What a lucky catch!! Very cool.

JD, Sat 12th Aug, 2006, 11:00am
favourite accident? very lucky! the framing of the kid is superb ;) is it shot from the hip? just seems to look that way given the angle and also the way the kid is staring to the upper left side of the image!

Jamey, Sat 12th Aug, 2006, 12:11pm
Yep - shot from the hip.

milou, Tue 15th Aug, 2006, 9:10am
Excellent candid. Great light and the bars aren't intrusive.

Sysagent, Thu 24th Aug, 2006, 12:16pm
Aye great candid you jammy git ;P

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