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Posted on Wed 26th Jul, 2006, 5:18pm

ISO: 100, Shutter speed: 1/500, Aperture: f/2.8,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: None, Cropping: Minor,
Lens: Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L, Focal length: 35mm,
Captured: 6th July 2006, 8:10pm,

This is the guy pictured doing a backflip a little while ago. I shot this at the same time and it's sat around for ages with me wondering how to process it until I finally just got on with it last night.

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Jonathan, Wed 26th Jul, 2006, 5:33pm
People in London seem really easy going for you to take pics of them. Maybe its just a having the brass to ask someone. Nice shot and well processed, especially like the colouring of the image.

Jamey, Wed 26th Jul, 2006, 5:38pm
Jonathan - this is actually a guy I've known for a while. Sorry, I should've made that clear. I haven't actually had much luck with portraits/photos of strangers recently.

Jamey, Wed 26th Jul, 2006, 5:38pm
Gah. I said actually twice. If only I wasn't too lazy to log in and edit the database. But I am.

Sysagent, Wed 26th Jul, 2006, 6:38pm
Mmm the post processing here in my opinion here doesn't work right well sorry :( The person looks "plasticy" to me & somehow detached from the rest of the photo as if he has been superimposed or something...

Jide Alakija, Wed 26th Jul, 2006, 6:48pm
Super portrait Jamey, the red on the floor goes really well with the t-shirt. I can't fault this one. Well done.

bbw, Wed 26th Jul, 2006, 7:10pm
It's a nice, happy shot :)

Jeremy, Wed 26th Jul, 2006, 8:08pm
great portrait! i've listed you as Shot of the Day on my site.

micki, Wed 26th Jul, 2006, 8:59pm
A very flattering portrait, he looks like a really nice guy.

Jamey, Wed 26th Jul, 2006, 9:23pm
Jeremy - thank you. Sys - I'm not really sure what you mean, sorry. If you mean he looks detached from the background, maybe that's just the wide aperture/shallow DOF thing? Dunno.

jt, Wed 26th Jul, 2006, 10:48pm
I think the processing works well for this shot.

Martin, Wed 26th Jul, 2006, 11:15pm
Somehow this looks a little bit surreal to me, I cannot say why. Its a little bit comic-style...

m i k e b, Thu 27th Jul, 2006, 3:24am
I am trying to understand what Sysagent is saying, but do not quite get it. His face almost has an HDR type look too it, but it works amazingly well in this photo. The DOF is quite excellent too. Well done Jamey.

Jon, Thu 27th Jul, 2006, 11:07am
I'm also a bit mystified by Sysagents "plasticy" comment. It just looks like a good portrait from where I'm sitting. Nice one.

Jamey, Thu 27th Jul, 2006, 11:14am
Mikeb - there's no HDR but I did do some selective brightening on him as it was hard to get the contrast I wanted without his face going too dark. I can sort of see that it might look slightly unnatural but, having seen the difference before and after, I think this is definitely better.

groovyf, Thu 27th Jul, 2006, 10:32pm
Almost sepia-toned post-processing. No idea what the original looks like, but think you've got this spot on.

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