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Red Carpet Events

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Red Carpet Events

Posted on Sat 8th Jul, 2006, 5:59pm

ISO: 100, Shutter speed: 1/80, Aperture: f/4,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: None, Cropping: 16:9+,
Lens: Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L, Focal length: 35mm,
Captured: 6th July 2006, 6:43pm,

Another from around Brick Lane. This shot has really grown on me so if you're not sure what to think about it, I'd urge you to give it a couple of hours and then come back and take another look. I wasn't sure if it worked at first either.

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Dan, Sat 8th Jul, 2006, 6:06pm
Nice, lovely capture, and once again fantastic processing.

jt, Sat 8th Jul, 2006, 9:57pm
I like it Jamey. Nice processing.

Jide Alakija, Sat 8th Jul, 2006, 10:42pm
I'll tell you why I really like this one Jamey. The darkness works so well. You've also capture some life in there too. One would have thought that this was taken in India. I could almost hear the little lady say "C'mon let's climb over the fence, the neighbours doggy is on a leash!" Okay blabing again. Really lovely shot. You have to have more of these in your series....Well done Jamey.

micki, Sun 9th Jul, 2006, 5:09am
I like this!!

Jon, Sun 9th Jul, 2006, 10:43am
It didn't take me a couple of hours. I liked it straight away :)

kubox, Mon 10th Jul, 2006, 3:09pm
A really great capture of a typical East London scene.. Love the was kids always find ways to play. no matter what their background or current situation. Awesome processing too

milou, Mon 10th Jul, 2006, 10:05pm
This is very successful. It's like a story or the narrative in painting in that you're drawn from left to right from the open door to the children. The middle child has a very smiley face which provides the focal point and I'm not sure if the one on the left has to act as the grown up in looking after her sisters. There's also a nice pattern match between the climbing child and the blue garment on the washing line, and of course the red blue reptition on the left side - the step and bucket and on the right on the washing line. Still not sure about that vingnette....

Jamey, Mon 10th Jul, 2006, 10:26pm
Hah. Never noticed the red/blue repetition before Dave. Cheers for pointing it out. In truth, the vignette isn't actually that strong on this. The top of the frame is dark because there was a balcony overhead (this is the ground floor of a block of flats) and it cut out a huge amount of light.

Sysagent, Wed 12th Jul, 2006, 8:52pm
This is a great shot (one of your best) and I cannot fault anything at all with it.

geof, Thu 13th Jul, 2006, 10:58am
Great image.

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