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Old Rope

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Old Rope

Posted on Thu 15th Jun, 2006, 4:11pm

ISO: 200, Shutter speed: 1/320, Aperture: f/5,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: None, Cropping: None,
Lens: Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO DG MACRO, Focal length: 70mm,
Captured: 3rd June 2006, 6:52pm,

Just some rope on the side of the harbour in Whitby. It's nowt special but I liked the textures.

Anyway the football's on soon. Come on England.

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kubox, Thu 15th Jun, 2006, 5:02pm
Nice stuff - great DoF there Jamey. What post processing did you do on this one? Found your blog a few days ago - good work mate & nice to see a departure from the grey templates!

Jamey, Thu 15th Jun, 2006, 5:25pm
I can't actually remember much about processing this but it wasn't a huge amount - definitely vignetting, RGB curves and maybe some hue/saturation stuff. I think that's about it. And cheers :)

jt, Thu 15th Jun, 2006, 5:55pm
Awesome colors on this one. I agree with you on the textures. I like the detail on the rope in the center of the photo.

Dan, Thu 15th Jun, 2006, 6:52pm
i really like the colours in this one mate, great DOF aswell. Good job

Jonathan, Thu 15th Jun, 2006, 9:53pm
Just some old rope but nicely processed Jamey. Works really well.

john Washington, Thu 15th Jun, 2006, 10:09pm
Wow, lovely tone and concentrated point of focus. You have managed to produce an image out of a complicated scene which is something I struggle to do myself.

Lex, Fri 16th Jun, 2006, 12:49am
Hi, my first visit, just a random click from Chromasia actually, just to say on first impression I really like your work and will check it out in more detail on the weekend. Good stuff, very refreshing.

Jon, Fri 16th Jun, 2006, 7:22am
I like the way the eye is drawn to the blue knot. Lovely colours too. Oh, and it's not some random rope Jamey, it's a pile of lobster pots. Tsk, city boys, I dunno :p

SysAgent, Fri 16th Jun, 2006, 9:47am
Pah I missed taking a shot of these Lobster pots! I blame Jamey of course... Great shot Jamey and a nice use of focus to the center ropes n stuff.

milou, Fri 16th Jun, 2006, 4:15pm
Pah - keeping secret shot locations to yerself..:D Nice centre DoF with a wonderful clarity.

Jide Alakija, Tue 20th Jun, 2006, 1:45am
Really like this shot but I also feel that you could have achieved a bit more detail out of it....have you heard of the LucisArt plug in before? It's very good for extracting more detail in yoru shots. Check it out at www.lucisart.com

Max, Fri 4th Aug, 2006, 8:01pm
Nice one

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