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My First Banksy

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My First Banksy

Posted on Sat 20th May, 2006, 3:33pm

ISO: 200, Shutter speed: 1/60, Aperture: f/2,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: None, Cropping: Minor,
Lens: Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L, Focal length: 35mm,
Captured: 17th May 2006, 2:16pm,

As promised, here's something slightly more colourful. I spotted this outside the CBBC area of Television Centre the other day and thought it looked nice.

I know the lines aren't straight. I did have a quick bash at sorting them out but it looked like it was gonna take ages and I couldn't be bothered. I think this is one of the quickest process jobs I've done for ages.

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HarryP, Sat 20th May, 2006, 3:43pm
Looks just fine, those lines go all sort of directions...wer they spraying something or is that a design of some sort?

chris, Sat 20th May, 2006, 3:46pm
looks like they were spraying boxes or something

Jamey, Sat 20th May, 2006, 3:47pm
I think they were probably spraying some stuff for background sets. A lot of stuff like that tends to take place in the outer ring around the studios, which is where this was shot.

Jon, Sat 20th May, 2006, 4:26pm
Doesn't do much for me this one. Sorry :)

HarryP, Sat 20th May, 2006, 6:28pm
it's the sort of thing I'd call a life shot rather than art, made me wonder what had heppened there :)

Sysagent, Sat 20th May, 2006, 7:34pm
Mmm... I don't think the image has enough in it and also it hasn't had enough done to it as well to make it one of your usual efforts Jamey mate. :)

Kevin, Sat 20th May, 2006, 8:13pm
Great title for this one.

Dan, Sat 20th May, 2006, 8:14pm
I really like this shot, I think that the colours work extremly well. Great shot :D

Jonathan, Sat 20th May, 2006, 9:04pm
Weridness to the graffiti, nice colours.

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