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Posted on Tue 16th May, 2006, 2:25pm

ISO: 100, Shutter speed: ?, Aperture: ?,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: None, Cropping: A bit,
Lens: Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L, Focal length: 35mm,
Captured: 29th April 2006, about 4pm ish,

One more shot from Trafalgar Square. I'm not entirely happy with this as nothing about it really grabs me but since I've posted the other shots, I thought I might as well bung it up to complete the set, as it were.

Apologies for the lack of exposure information but I used a bit of HDR on this and it's stripped it out. Ordinarily I'd check the original Raw file but I'm at work right now, so I can't.

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ben Grimm, Tue 16th May, 2006, 2:47pm
mate, i dont think a shot like this needs to be all photoshopped and expertly done, it says so much as it is, i really like this one dude. maybe its the crusties and their blatant disregard for her majestys laws....crystal meth anyone?

Jamey, Tue 16th May, 2006, 2:53pm
Ah, crystal meth. Those guys sure know how to lower productivity. Yeah, I guess I could've not bothered with some of the colouring here, maybe that's why I don't like it. The sky was one solid block of white before the HDR though, so I do maintain that it's added to the shot. But yeah, the rest is perhaps overkill.

Justin, Tue 16th May, 2006, 3:23pm
I like this very much, Jamey. I actually enjoy the coloring you've applied, and how it seperates the red lettering of the sign from the rest of the image.

chris, Tue 16th May, 2006, 4:06pm
i actually really like this too!

Jim, Tue 16th May, 2006, 4:34pm
Pure win. Love it.

Jonathan, Tue 16th May, 2006, 7:31pm
Lovely processing again, very nice.

SysAgent, Tue 16th May, 2006, 9:35pm
Nowt wrong with this at all, I like the sign and how it "stands" out...

ROB, Tue 16th May, 2006, 10:26pm
When I saw the thumbnail I had to agree with the litle you had chosen for the shot, then seening the full size and realising there was a sign stating it too - even better.

JD, Wed 17th May, 2006, 12:46am
I think that the guys up on the top are way too distracting and if you'd have cropped and close them out it would be a much stronger image... really like the sign

Jon, Thu 18th May, 2006, 11:54am
Not really keen on the processing on this. Like the idea though.

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