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Posted on Thu 4th May, 2006, 5:11pm

ISO: 100, Shutter speed: 20 secs, Aperture: f/16,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: None, Cropping: None,
Lens: Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L, Focal length: 35mm,
Captured: 29th April 2006, 8:55pm,

This is my local station. I'm sure Ben will recognise it well, as may a few others.

The shot isn't a HDR job but neither is it a single exposure. I put together a few different bits in Photoshop to get the final image. For instance, the train moving towards the camera, the station and the light trails of the train moving away from the camera are all from different frames.

The rest of the work was just selective lightening, darkening and contrast to get it to look as even as possible without appearing flat or overly contrasty. I'm quite happy with the result.

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chris, Thu 4th May, 2006, 5:22pm
bang on. the detail is really nice to the left and i like the direction the track is headed, the sky gives it a nice feel the only bit im not too keen on is the orangeness on the right platform

Jamey, Thu 4th May, 2006, 5:24pm
Yeah, that's my least favourite bit too. I tried selectively desaturation it but it didn't look right really.

Jim, Thu 4th May, 2006, 5:39pm
First thing I thought was "HDR" followed by "boobs"... Its a nice shot, and you should be happy with it. Especially since Im guessing it took a while. Its got a model railway feel about it, due to the detail of the left hand side, feels like a macro shot almost... but I could be wrong.

Jim, Thu 4th May, 2006, 5:40pm
p.s. "boobs" (just forgot to add my link, and I need all the site traffic I can get.

SysAgent, Thu 4th May, 2006, 10:33pm
I like this type of shot a lot. I am surprised at the amount of work you put into it Jamey I thought it was just from one loooong exposure. But thinking on it, it would have to be a really loooooooong exposure to get 2 trains in the station at once etc...

Jonathan, Fri 5th May, 2006, 5:59am
Bloody hell jamey, took one similar to this last night, after seeing this mine will go into the recycle bin :). Crystal clear capture, nice work.

JD, Fri 5th May, 2006, 11:02am
Cools shot! I don't think I can really say anything else about it

qui, Fri 5th May, 2006, 4:06pm
Very impressive. :)

Jon, Sat 6th May, 2006, 4:30pm
Lovely :)

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