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Seven Today

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Seven Today

Posted on Thu 27th Apr, 2006, 1:12pm

ISO: 100, Shutter speed: 1/250, Aperture: f/8,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: Fill, Cropping: Minor,
Lens: Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L, Focal length: 35mm,
Captured: 22nd April 2006, 6:53pm,

This is my niece Elladene, who I've posted before. It's her seventh birthday today and this shot was taken last weekend at the party she had.

The reason her face is painted like Spider-Man is because her boyfriend from school, Oliver, had his painted the same way. Her friends were teasing her, saying "you love Oliver, you do" but she calmly replied "no, he just loves me."

Happy birthday Deney-Bops.

Oh, and a quick note on the processing. I didn't mean for the sky to go so grey but I rather liked it. The orangey light on Elladene is evening sunlight. It was a rare day of good weather.

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Ella, Thu 27th Apr, 2006, 2:19pm
Very funny picture! I also love the processing and the story. Doesn't this show that females at a very young age have already developed this specific kind of verbal cruelty ;-)?

chris, Thu 27th Apr, 2006, 5:29pm
i like the nice warm light and the sky in the background- really clear picture too

milou, Thu 27th Apr, 2006, 9:30pm
Nice unusual angle and what fab hair. Great portrait!

Maury, Fri 28th Apr, 2006, 3:00am
All that is absolutely awesome. Best regards. Maury

Sysagent, Fri 28th Apr, 2006, 8:34am
Heh she looks quite "Manic" :-) Nice vivid colouring to the main character in the image and the sky colour works, it almost looks like a "set" background or something.

JD, Fri 28th Apr, 2006, 11:15am
quite lord of the flies to me! great contrast. The sky is a little weird but it kinda works :) go spidey

Gareth (uni), Fri 28th Apr, 2006, 11:46am
I don't normally leave comments which shows how much i like it! The angle's great - it kinda gives the perspective that 1 spider's looking at another. A real contender 4 your porfolio if you've started one up yet. My only crit is her necklace; something about it that doesn't look quite right...?

Jamey, Fri 28th Apr, 2006, 12:08pm
CONNOLEY!! How's it going. The necklance does look a little odd, now you mention it. I forgot to mention earlier that this was taken while she was jumping on a trampoline, which may help to fill in some of the weirdness.

Jon, Fri 28th Apr, 2006, 12:23pm
This is bizarre! She looks really unexcited about bouncing on a trampoline. Still, I suppose that's NOTHING to Spider(wo)man! The lighting on this is great.

Jamey, Fri 28th Apr, 2006, 12:27pm
I think she was just doing it so I could take her picture. She loves having her photo taken but she doesn't always smile. It's weird. As soon as I get the camera, she runs up and freezes with that expression, then asks to see the photos after I take them, bless.

Methy, Fri 28th Apr, 2006, 2:28pm
The lighting is spot on here mate, I really like this one.

Jeff, Sat 29th Apr, 2006, 12:54am
Now this is a cool portrait! My what big eyes she has.....Very well done man...very well done.

Jonathan, Sun 30th Apr, 2006, 8:15pm
Love this picture as its not your normal child pose, the spiderman face paint is fantastic and helps emphasis the size of the eyes. This is probably my favourite pic on here. Excellent work Jamey.

Aaron @ moeview.c, Tue 2nd May, 2006, 2:12pm
This is great.

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