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Shaolin Glider


Posted on Wed 29th Mar, 2006, 9:00am

ISO: 100, Shutter speed: 30 secs, Aperture: f/22,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: Wireless, Cropping: Minor,
Lens: Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM, Focal length: 100mm,
Captured: 13th March 2006, 8:30pm,

This is a photo I took specifically for the trickery photo competition, the theme of which was comfort.

It was done in my hallway with a flashgun and reflector, but I ended up still using a long exposure to fill in the shadows properly.

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SysAgent, Thu 30th Mar, 2006, 9:56am
Ok how you make the trainer fall over in 30secs without showing any method of how it fell over?

Aaron @ moeview.c, Thu 30th Mar, 2006, 3:15pm
Time for some new shoes Jamey? Oh wait you have 100 some odd pair to choose from. Nice work.

JD, Fri 31st Mar, 2006, 12:43am
very nice work it comes off well, great tones and composition

joe_ob, Fri 31st Mar, 2006, 2:31pm
Strange one, and they dolook comfortable

Jamey, Fri 31st Mar, 2006, 3:07pm
Sys - I moved the shoe with my hand. It's just that the exposure was long enough for my interference not to register.

Christian, Fri 31st Mar, 2006, 5:18pm
Very good technical flashgun you got. I need a lesson from you.

Jonathan, Sat 1st Apr, 2006, 8:04am
Voted for this one on the Trickery competition. Very nice colours and a good idea.

Will, Sat 1st Apr, 2006, 5:40pm
Hey jmey, absolutely class shot mate, fantastic! I am just gettin into photography at the mo, and am loving the long exposure shots you have done. Could you please give me a un down as to how you achieved this shot (my long exposure shiots tend to look totally blurred and messy!!) Cheers man!

Jamey, Sat 1st Apr, 2006, 6:17pm
Hi. The most important thing for long exposures is a decent tripod. And if you're shooting outside in bright daylight you'll probabny want some ND filters too. This shot was just done on the floor in my house. Flash fired first than a 30 sec exposure for background.

Will, Sat 1st Apr, 2006, 11:46pm
Cheers Jamey, one final question tho - how did you avoid huge blur lines (it looks like two images superimposed on top of each other - mint!) and how did u knock over the shoe without gettin your hand in on the shot? Sorry for the 20 q's mate, I just really am intrigued by this shot!!

Jamey, Sun 2nd Apr, 2006, 7:16am
There are no blur lines because the only movement throughout the whole 30 sec exposure amounted to about 2 seconds max, which isn't enough to show. The 'moving' shoe started out resting againt the other one then about 10 secs into the exposure I laid it on its side.

Jide Alakija, Tue 25th Apr, 2006, 12:23am
Jamey, you have some very very creative shots in your blog. I've had a really good time going through your photos. I love this one alot hence I'm commenting on it. I'll be book marking you.

Lito, Tue 16th May, 2006, 12:23pm
Very nice, Jamey. the structure of the shoe's the color. Neat.

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