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Juggler 2

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Juggler 2

Posted on Sat 18th Mar, 2006, 2:04pm

ISO: 200, Shutter speed: 1/500, Aperture: f/4,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: None, Cropping: None,
Lens: Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM, Focal length: 100mm,
Captured: 15th March 2006, 10:31am,

Ok so this is the shot I mentioned yesterday. I could have posted this on its own and tried to explain the blue juggling 'ball', and how he kept juggling with one hand while staring into my lens but I don't think it would've conveyed it as well as having yesterday's pic there to illustrate it properly.

And on a different note - this is the last picture I'll be posting manually before I go to New York on Monday. I'll be setting a few more photos to get published automatically while I'm away (back 30th March), so keep checking the site every few days.

The mailing list won't get triggered for the automatic posts as I do that manually too, so if you want to get notified (as opposed to just swinging by and seeing if there's a new pic) you'll need to make use of the RSS feed.

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ben Grimm, Sat 18th Mar, 2006, 2:12pm
Further proof that he is a jedi, Great photo mate, its great because you can clearly see whats written on the ball

Jamey, Sat 18th Mar, 2006, 2:17pm
Yeah, I liked the fact that the ball says Klutz when he was clearly quite skilled at what he was doing. It's like one of dem just-a-position, type fings, ya get me.

ben Grimm, Sat 18th Mar, 2006, 2:21pm
I gets ya

moeview, Sat 18th Mar, 2006, 2:47pm
he's reading my mind. Im sure of it. Nice work as always.

Sysagent, Sat 18th Mar, 2006, 5:23pm
Great shot! Even more like freezing time, the DOF is bob on with this shot Jamey. Good work.

milou, Sat 18th Mar, 2006, 11:43pm
Good n' sharp. Nice one. Have a fab time in NY.

Jon, Sun 19th Mar, 2006, 10:05am
Really interesting shot Jamey. I like the juggling thingy and the dof. This guys face makes me think he has a story to tell (something in his eyes). Great shot.

JD, Sun 19th Mar, 2006, 12:02pm
Love the shot, you mind if I ask for a few tips for someone trying to get into street photograph? Also is there any reason why you chose to produce it in colour? I'm a high contrast "black and white" hore and not ashamed to admit it ;)

Jamey, Sun 19th Mar, 2006, 1:23pm
Cheers everyone. JD - if there's anything specific you want to ask, feel free to email me (but be aware I'm away for two weeks as of tomorrow). Otherwise, you can read some street technique tips here and here.

Jamey, Sun 19th Mar, 2006, 1:28pm
Oh, I didn't answer your colour question. Basically I just thought it worked better in colour. It was hard to make out the juggling balls in B&W and it just didn't seem to have as much impact in B&W either.

Danielle, Sun 19th Mar, 2006, 6:08pm
Hope you have a good time in NY! Can't wait to see the photos... This shot is great- such wonderful emotion conveyed.

Jonathan, Thu 23rd Mar, 2006, 9:17pm
The face of a thousand stories. Nice shot. Have a good'un in NY :)

Phil, Sun 26th Mar, 2006, 1:34pm
Wow! I love it. The DOF, the facial expression, the detail, its such a wonderful shot!

Maile Lani, Thu 6th Apr, 2006, 7:54pm
lol this is awesome... its like hes saying "why are you looking at me funny? just because i can make things float with my mind dosen’t make me strange..."

Seth, Wed 26th Apr, 2006, 4:42pm
Nice capture. Emotion in his expression as well as the juggling sack caught in mid-air. Very nice.

andrea, Mon 1st May, 2006, 3:14am
I love the ball :D

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