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Posted on Fri 17th Mar, 2006, 4:42pm

ISO: 200, Shutter speed: 1/500, Aperture: f/4,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: None, Cropping: None,
Lens: Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM, Focal length: 100mm,
Captured: 15th March 2006, 10:30am,

I don't actually like this photo but it kinda needs to be posted in order to lend some context to the shot I'll be putting up tomorrow.

I spotted this chap juggling on my way into work the other day and paused to take a few shots. As I was snapping, he spotted me, smiled and carried on juggling with one hand.

I took the shot you see above and really liked it on the camera's screen but when I started processing it, I decided the woman with the pushchair was just too distracting for the photo to work properly.

After I shot this, I chatted to the guy a little and took some closer shots, one of which is the one I'll post tomorrow. So basically this entire description is a longwinded way of saying "watch this space".

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ben Grimm, Fri 17th Mar, 2006, 4:57pm
how does he make those ball float, must be some kind of jedi.

Jamey, Fri 17th Mar, 2006, 4:59pm
Cripes, that was quick. What're you, online all the time now, or something? You're turning into me.

ben Grimm, Fri 17th Mar, 2006, 5:07pm
yeah well i got loads of essays to write, and i gots me broadband so why not eh, lets me know when i gets me emails and stuff

Danielle, Fri 17th Mar, 2006, 7:04pm
I agree with the lady- but this is so cool! Can't wait till tomorrow...

Suby, Fri 17th Mar, 2006, 9:02pm
No matter what you think, this is a brilliant shot, I cannot wait to see what you have tommorrow as well. If you think the woman with the push chair is to distracting, why not remove them from the shot and see if it works? I feel cropping tighter a little bit of the right wld benefit this image

Jamey, Sat 18th Mar, 2006, 12:17am
I thought about removing her but it would've been tricky and taken ages since she's obscuring the wall as well as the pavement.

moeview, Sat 18th Mar, 2006, 1:30am
Thats cool. He must be good for taking his eyes off his work.

Sysagent, Sat 18th Mar, 2006, 11:20am
Nice shot there Jamey, it's like you have "frozen" time for an instant... I can see what u mean with regard to the woman distracting the main focus of the shot though mate, shame that but I am sure he will be still there when she isn't!

Richard, Sat 18th Mar, 2006, 1:13pm
Haha use the force! Nice photo that.

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