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Colouring In

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Colouring In

Posted on Fri 24th Feb, 2006, 4:50pm

ISO: 100, Shutter speed: 1/60, Aperture: f/8,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: None, Cropping: None,
Lens: Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 EX DC, Focal length: 50mm,
Captured: 17th February 2006, 2:06pm,

Something a little different to the last couple of days here. It's just a random shot from a random wander but I liked the colours and the way the lines are arranged.

In true sod's law style, I thought the processing on this would be easy ("whack up the contrast, lovely") but I ended up spending quite a while on it. I am happy with the result, though.

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Gary, Fri 24th Feb, 2006, 4:53pm
I've seen Candi and Bex to be fair and although Candi's outfits are a little more daring, Bex pips it for me every time. Great picture Jamey mate. If you finish with Bex, pass her my way.

Bex, Fri 24th Feb, 2006, 5:03pm
Cheers Gary, Candi's sweet enough - don't give her a hard time, it's all good. Anyway, let's keep the blog messages relevant to J's pics from now on otherwise it might get a bit silly. xx Well done Jamey.

Zippy, Fri 24th Feb, 2006, 5:07pm
Lovely contrast of strong colours and lines there! Like it.

Danielle, Fri 24th Feb, 2006, 6:22pm
I like the contrast of colors here. This looks like baseball field clay, which I doubt it is since you brits play cricket. But whatever it is, very interesting.

Nickoli, Fri 24th Feb, 2006, 9:58pm
We do play cricket- and very well.

Jamey, Sat 25th Feb, 2006, 2:57am
Well...That;s debatable. Anyway it's neither a baseball wicket nor a cricket diamond. It's a bus stop to be.

Sysagent, Sat 25th Feb, 2006, 11:56am
Nice shot Jamey good composition and content in it.. It look's ever so slightly blurry to me here?? Russ

Jamey, Sat 25th Feb, 2006, 12:26pm
I softened it in Photoshop because the original looked a bit over sharp when scaled down. All the detail has been teained though.

Izzanbaad, Sat 4th Mar, 2006, 8:50pm
Grids do tend to have fairly geometric shapes to them. The lines are so the water falls through.

d, Mon 16th Jun, 2008, 3:17pm
ah. beautiful.

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