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Tiny & Gustav

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Tiny & Gustav

Posted on Thu 27th Oct, 2005, 1:17am

ISO: 800, Shutter speed: 1/80, Aperture: f/6.3,
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Flash: None, Cropping: Minor,
Lens: Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6, Focal length: 25mm,
Captured: 26th October 2005, 3:53pm,

Yesterday I was walking through the park and I saw ths chap feeding the squirrels. They were coming right up to him and taking nuts from his hand. I didn't have my camera so I couldn't get any pics but I chatted to him and arranged to meet him at the same time today.

His name is Gustav and he's Hungarian but has been in the UK since the fifties. He lives locally and he genuinely seems to care about the squirrels. He was calling some of them 'Tiny' (the babies, I presume) and I think the squirrel in the photo is one of the ones he was referring to as Tiny, but I may be wrong.

The light was unfortunately really bad today and I was having to use ISO 800 just to get shutter speeds of 1/100. I did get a shot of a squirrel taking a nut from his hand but it wasn't great. All in all I reeled off about a hundred shots but had a phenomenally low hit rate. Apart from this one there were only about two others I liked. Even this one doesn't look great. I couldn't sharpen it very much because the pattern on his jacket started to get really pixelated. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh but anyway... This isn't the best blog entry I've ever posted. Sorry.

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milou, Thu 27th Oct, 2005, 1:34am
This is a great photo! Tiny is looking right at you and Gustav has a great expression. A good capture and a good blog photo.

napoleon, Thu 27th Oct, 2005, 1:45am
I think it's quite good, certainly not worth this self-flagelation. Gustav looks like a character, bet he's got some stories. Get him and Skelly Banton together for a few G&Ts.

Warspite, Thu 27th Oct, 2005, 1:51am
Good shot - I think I see what you mean, as his face seems to lose focus, but then you cant have everything;) Still good though, you got the background in to give it the autumn feel and I think squirrels are something I associate with this time of years & a gentleman in his own autumn years:)WelDone

Jamey, Thu 27th Oct, 2005, 1:58am
Yeah he is a character. I told him I'd get prints of any good pics and bring them down for him. Silly me. Now I have to process at least four or five and try to make them look good. Ah well. It's all practice I guess.

H.O, Thu 27th Oct, 2005, 4:10am
Hi there! I came from this following photo web site " ThanksLife" (C-kun).He is my friend mind. I like take picture too.Acutully sneaker too(^^ You have good sneaker! and nice picuturs!! Thanks. H.O

Fred Savage, Sat 29th Oct, 2005, 11:56pm
''do you think I should let him try my 'special' nuts?

Dave, Wed 9th Nov, 2005, 6:55pm
Great shot, love it!

m, Sat 19th Nov, 2005, 1:40am
love munching too...

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